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Funny or Not Funny: Herpex

This morning I found a funny faux commercial posted on Tango mocking the herpes commercial genre. The funny guys at are the brains behind this add promoting a made-up drug called Herpex. Since there is no cure, Herpex is "specifically created to deal with genital herpes" and even though it doesn't prevent outbreaks, it does allow you to teleport which can come in handy during those uncomfortable moments! Of course this STI isn't a laughing matter, but I have to say that I thought this parody sure was. What do you think? Does this faux commercial take it too far or are you able to see the humor in it?

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ms-jamerz ms-jamerz 8 years
Life shouldn't always be taken so seriously. I found it funny. I hope other people will too.
tweet-hotpants tweet-hotpants 8 years
one of very few videos that can make me laugh out loud!!!
k-squared k-squared 8 years
It's just too funny not to laugh!! rofl
RubberDogTurds RubberDogTurds 8 years
i laughed my ass off and so did the person I sent it to, who actually has the lifetime STI. You have to laugh at some serious matters that you have no control oveR!
RockAndRepublic RockAndRepublic 8 years
I can't help it. I thought it was hilarious.
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