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The College Board plans to debut a new score-reporting system in 2010 that allows students to decide which set of SAT scores to make public to schools.

Anxious high school students have had the luxury of taking the SAT multiple times in attempt to get the best score possible for decades. Colleges and universities have been able to see each attempt, but this new system will allow students to choose whether to show one, some, or all scores to their academic judges.

Apparently, the College Board devised the new system to alleviate test-day stress and build in more choice in the admissions process.

To find out why the changes have created some controversy in the collegiate community,


The result of the change could be that students end up showing colleges a lower overall score by sending only one set. Some educators say they like seeing how students progress on the test throughout their school careers.

Of course, taking the SAT isn't cheap. At $45 a session, students who can afford multiple attempts could have an unfair advantage (even when you factor in fee waivers to help underprivileged students). What do you think of this change? It still sounds less stressful than China's national college entrance exam.


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