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The 24 Stages of Getting Over a Cheating Ex

Jul 23 2015 - 6:00am

Breakups come in all sorts and sizes nowadays. Finding out you've been cheated on [1] can be a huge blow to endure, but a brighter future is closer than you may think. If you're looking for a way to mend your broken heart, there are plenty of ways you can approach it. From breaking up to ultimately finding love again, characters from movies and television shows seem to know a thing or two about the relationship cycle. Don't let your cheating beau keep you down, and follow this step-by-step process to kick-start your love life once again.

It's Over

Source: ABC Family [2]

You Try to Talk It Out

Emotions Get the Best of You

You Try to Keep in Contact With Your Ex (Even Though You Shouldn't)

Overanalysis Becomes an Expert Skill For You

Wallowing Starts to Sound Like a Broken Record

Anger Sets In

You Decide to Let It Be

Then You Begin to Consider Giving Your Ex Another Shot

But Soon Realize Your Ex Is Still a Jerk and a Cheat

You Figure It's About Time to Get Out of This Rut

You Start Being an Independent Woman Again

You Acknowledge That You Deserve Better

You Go Out and Have a Good Time

You Reconnect With Those Who Know You Best

You Forgive, and Thank Your Ex For Doing You a Favor

Now Your Ex Wants to Work It Out With You

It's Safe to Say You're No Longer Interested

Source: Screen Gems [3]

You Get Yourself Back in the Dating Game

Source: Screen Gems [4]

You Learn to Trust Once More

You Meet Someone You're Interested In

Source: Screen Gems [5]

You Open Your Heart and Be Vulnerable Again

Source: Millennium Entertainment [6]

You Start to Realize You're Falling For Said Person

You Enjoy Your Fairy-Tale Ending

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