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GOP Platform 2012

What the GOP Platform Says About Marriage, Women, and Sex

With a Republican presidential nominee who began his political career taking moderate stances on issues like abortion, it's surprising to see that the GOP platform he will stand on is the most conservative in modern history. The platform takes extreme views on everything from immigration to taxation, but we're especially interested in its concerning measures in regards to women and gay Americans. During the RNC in Tampa the GOP platform was officially adopted, so find out what it says about marriage, women, and sex now.

Gay Marriage

According to the extremely antigay platform, the GOP is against even civil unions for gay couples and hopes to add an amendment to the US Constitution banning same-sex marriage. In its argument against gay marriage, the platform states that marriage between a man and a woman has "been entrusted with the rearing of children and the transmission of cultural values." It chides President Obama for being against the Defense of Marriage Act in court, even though the law was deemed unconstitutional by lawyers. And it's against gay marriage in the military, too, with the platform stating, "We will enforce and defend the Defense of Marriage Art (DOMA) in the Armed Forces as well as in the civilian world."

Women in the Military

The platform opposes "social experimentation" in the military, meaning the GOP is against women fighting in combat. On its opposition to women in the front lines, the platform states, "We support military women's exemption from direct ground combat units and infantry battalions." Opposing "social experimentation" also includes supporting "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," which bans openly gay women (and men) from the military, and opposing officers wearing uniforms during gay pride events.



Included in the platform's Human Life Amendment is a declaration "to make clear that the 14th Amendment's protections apply to unborn children." Abortion would be illegal even in cases of rape or incest, and forms of birth control and the morning-after pill could also be banned. It also states that government would "not fund or subsidize health care which includes abortion coverage," and it praises states with "informed consent" laws that force women to undergo mandatory (and unnecessary) ultrasounds, waiting periods, and other procedures before having an abortion.

There is also new language that goes beyond child pornography to include all pornography. It says, "Current laws on all forms of pornography and obscenity need to be vigorously enforced." Current laws prohibit the distribution of hardcore pornography on the Internet, hotel and motel TVs, cable and satellite TV, and in retail stores.

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tagen22 tagen22 5 years
It's a pity that the republicans are trying to drag Mitt so far to the right.  He's a great candidate on economic issues and semi-decent on social issues.  Regardless, the dems have chosen to offer up the president for another four years.  Considering 7 million more people are living in poverty than at the end of Bush, and Obama is adding to the debt at about twice the rate of Bush, there's no way in hell I'll vote for him.  If our economy tanks, the social issues won't matter much for the average American any.  But please popsugar, stop with the politics.  Maybe make a "political sugar" or something so we can come to popsugar for the poppy goodness that it's always been.  
Ronald3130532 Ronald3130532 5 years
Lady t ypu are denser than a Fence post... really.. Ban Gay s again for serving  in t e military when The vast majority of you would not serve if Drafted in The military Your guy did not ... he ran like  the chicken hawk coward he is behind his mission service in his church got him  out going to VietNam . I am a totally and permentally disabled Vietnam veteran The GOP's supports closing the department of veterans affairs medical centers and Giving  us Vouchers to purchase Private health Insurance ( good luck with That) .. So No little girl I am Not voting for your guy. and I hope you daugthers dies in some back roor abortion clinic , because they end a women right to choice.
jrosenberg02 jrosenberg02 5 years
Not every republican follows each of these beliefs, but they are apparently going to be the official party platform.  That means this is the platform that Romney will run on, so a vote for him is a vote for these views.   I do believe that not every republican voter believes these things, which makes it even sadder that they have become the official party views.  What happened to traditional fiscally conservative republicans who believed in smaller government, less taxes, and less welfare?  Why have republicans allowed religious extremists to take over the party?  It's incredible how polarized the official party stance has become.  Even if I leaned republican on fiscal issues (which I don't), I would still vote for Obama in this election.  Women who are voting for Romney baffle me.  It's like voting for a fox to guard the henhouse.
jrosenberg02 jrosenberg02 5 years
I don't understand why you (and others) keep saying that the GOP does not support the things written about in this article.   These positions are IN the current draft of the GOP platform.  The author isn't making them up; they are written down.  A party platform is the official party stance on all issues.  While individual voters and representatives may not agree with 100% of what is in the platform, the purpose of the platform is to set forth the dinifinitive party view on key issues.  The GOP not only supports these views, they are the OFFICIAL views of the GOP.  If you are voting GOP right now, this is what you're voting for.   As for there not being a war on women, I'm not sure what rock you're living under, but the policies set forth by ultra-conservative republicans in recent years can hardly be seen as anything else.  These policies are not a myth - they are actual policies currently being pushed by republican politicians.  Small point, but your comment that you "wouldn't want to be in combat either" totally misses the point.  The issue is not whether any particular woman WANTS to be in combat - if you don't want to be in combat, don't join the army.  The issue is that by banning women from combat, the GOP would take away the right of women to make that choice for themselves.  If a woman CHOOSES to be in combat, there is absolutely no reason why the government should be able to take that choice away from her.   Your rant is so uniformed and incorrect that it's shocking.  You are essentially saying that support for Obama is a big conspiracy, which is utterly ridiculous.  There have been things Obama has done that I don't agree with, but when you compare those to the GOP plan to attack fundamental rights of women and homosexuals in this country, I'll take Obama anyway - flaws and all.
Annie-Gabillet Annie-Gabillet 5 years
 @kc33 That's totally true kc33 that beliefs differ among members of the party. I think it's interesting that the official GOP platform is different from the views of a lot of republicans I know. 
Tami3125434 Tami3125434 5 years
Most of this is just lies written by an Obama supporter (they try to act like they aren't partisan but they are).  The GOP has no war on women, this is a myth created by Obama lovers.  The birther movement-started by Hillary's campaign in 2008.  The issue is the ECONOMY and the president sucks on the economy.  Gas prices are almost $4 a gallon (remember liberals you wanted GWB's head in 2007 and prices are higher now).  Unemployment is high, record numbers of people getting govt handouts.  53% of people not paying ANYTHING in federal income tax.  Obama is creating a welfare nation, 4 more years and all our jobs will be in India and China.  Go research into Solyndra and other so called green jobs-look at the waste of your dollars (if you are in the 47% that pays in like me).  So what is some people don't believe in gay marriage, it's FAILED in every ballot it's been on.  There are still some with some morals and who believe in the Bible and that is THEIR RIGHT.  It's not fair that liberals try to hoist their agenda on everyone.  Again, gay marriage, etc is a minority appealing platform. Obama is only for it if he gets votes, because he sucks as president.  Why is he flying to Geneva for a campaign fundraiser-are the Swiss voting for him?  Why has he DONE nothing this year but pick up campaign donations.  Hollywood liberals are just Obama mouthpieces and most didn't even graduate high school and have probably never read anything.  Obama's camp just sends them talking points which are mostly lies.  Again, the GOP does not support most of these likes this author wrote-but so what if they don't want women in combat-is that such a bad thing?  I wouldn't want to be in combat either.  I miss the days when people had morals and were well mannered and didn't just pop out kids with anyone they met knowing the govt would pay for it?  What's so wrong about that?  Liberals want to tell you what to eat, drink, believe, etc.  they aren't so liberal in my mind.  Do your research yourself-don't believe Obama shills like this author.  Go study the economy-ask yourself why the New York Times care so much about rising prices including gas in 2007 and now don't.  They are just covering for Obama.  Go to the grocery store and tell me you haven't noticed prices are going up with no end in sight.  Another 4 years of Obama and this country is done.  We can't afford it.
kc33 kc33 5 years
not every single republican follows these beliefs, just like not every democrat supports gay marriage.  People should learn about each candidate on by doing the research on there own.  Not from a pop culture website.  
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