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GOP Tells Latinos: Don't Vote

Ad Tells Latinos: Don't Vote, Takes Page From 30 Rock Playbook

In season two of 30 Rock, scheming Republican Jack Donaghy enlists Tracy Jordan as a new GOP spokesman with the hopes of gaining black votes. But halfway into filming a political ad, Tracy realizes that black Americans will always vote Democrat. So instead of trying to get them on board, Jack and Tracy shoot a commercial with a simple message for black voters: don't vote.

The episode is meant to exaggerate political tactics for satirical purposes. But now life is imitating art. A new ad put out by a Republican group is telling Latinos not to vote, plain and simple. It ironically states: take action, don't vote. Univision accepted $80,000 to air the ad on its network. The message is almost too blatant and cynical to believe. But to see it for yourself, read more.

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