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Gatorade Ad: Ball Girl Makes an Amazing Catch

What's the Big Idea Behind This Sneaky Gatorade Ad?

I watched the following vid and was overjoyed to see a chick finally kick arse at a male sporting event. But a little research later revealed that our bat girl never made this Spidey-inspired catch; the vid is actually a staged advertisement for Gatorade. The illegitimacy of the play makes me wonder if the Gatorade folks are mocking women's athletic potential with this ad, or on the flip side, if they're seeking to unsettle established gender norms and advance the girls-can-do-anything message. Or a bit a both? Tell me what you think.

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themom0925 themom0925 9 years
They did it with wires. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon style. I thought it was cool. All ads are supposed to do is get your attention and make you remember the name of their company or product. I think this ad did a great job of that. I don't think there was any hidden subliminal message. It was like a couple of guys thought wouldn't it be really cool if someone climbed the wall like spiderman and caught the ball. Like a bat boy or somebody who would be down there anyway. No wait, make the bat boy a girl. No even better make the girl really hot. Awesome dude! Great idea. A commercial is born....
SkinnyMarie SkinnyMarie 9 years
I don't mind too much because they always do it for men too, making them do impossible feats.
lily8206 lily8206 9 years
Did the girl do the acting and actually make the catch or was it a guy and they edited it to look like a girl jumping? Cause, if she made the catch then I don't think there is an issue at all. Obviously it's staged for the commercial, and would be even if it was a bat-Boy. If a bat-person did this in the middle of a game they would be removed and fired!
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