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Germany's Green Party: Men Are People Too

Germany's Green Party takes gender equality very seriously. Each election women make up 50 percent of the candidates, and a woman always tops the list. This weekend, the party will hold a National Women's Conference. But men will get most of the attention, as the party just released a "new man" manifesto calling for the end of macho.

The declaration states: "We no longer want to be macho, we want to people. You are not born a man, you are turned into one." The document calls for a slower pace of life, less focus on money, and more health consciousness for all men.

In America, some men also want to broaden what it means to be a man. Support groups, including the Men Healthy Touch Club (where men meet to connect with men through nonsexual touch like cuddling) and the Celebrating Male Beauty Club (which lets men celebrate male beauty through photography and video), allow men to bond in "nontraditional" ways. And in Japan, the term "herbivore" describes the growing number of men who reject the notion that they must chase women and accumulate material goods.


Men should embrace masculinity if they want, but if movements such as the German Green Party's manifesto open a space for men to take a break from traditional masculine expectations, then more power to them.

Source: Flickr User LHOON

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tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
I think it's nice.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
I think it's nice.
Yesi-Jukebox Yesi-Jukebox 7 years
I guess im too American, I just find this so strange
Miss-Infamous Miss-Infamous 7 years
LOL cute
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