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German Neo-Nazis Hold Hitler Youth Camp, French Sell T-shirts

Hitler may have died 63 years ago, but his anti-Semitic propaganda did not go with him to the grave. Last week police in northern Germany raided a neo-Nazi camp attended by children. At the camp, which was modeled after Hitler Youth Summer camps, 39 teenage campers wore uniforms of white T-shirts and black shorts, and studied racist Nazi materials. Following the police raid, the head of the German equivalent to the FBI warned that the German neo-Nazi movement has become increasingly ambitious and violent, marking a change in strategy.

Next door to Germany, French prosecutors have begun investigating Parisian clothing shops accused of selling anti-Semitic T-shirts. Covered in Polish or German, the shirts display slogans used by the Nazis, such as "Jews forbidden from entering the park." Sales people at the stores say they did not understand the inscriptions, but also that the shirts have been very popular with some customers. Let's hope widespread anti-Semitism never goes back in style in Europe.


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