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Dear Sugar
A few years ago my aunt and uncle moved to my home town to help my family take care of my elderly and ill grandmother. My aunt planted herself into my life and we became really good friends. We talked about everything over the years and I trusted her deeply.

As it turns out, my aunt and uncle were extremely unhelpful with my grandmother throughout her illness. My aunt also ended up hurting me by stabbing me in the back and repeating everything to my mother that we talked about in confidence over the past few years.

My aunt is notorious for causing drama in our family and in her own. Some of the things she told my parents really upset them. I am beyond disappointed and furious with her and want revenge. How do I handle this situation? Defied Deirdre

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Dear Defied Deirdre
I am sorry your aunt broke your trust. Confiding in someone only to be let down is a horrible feeling so I understand how upset you must be. As angry as you are, getting revenge isn't the best answer. Use your words and tell her how betrayed you feel.

Have a heart to heart with your aunt and make sure she knows that what she did was wrong. Ask her what she was trying to accomplish by betraying you and why she would intentionally hurt you and your parents. Trusting her to be your confidante meant a lot to you and unfortunately your relationship will suffer from her actions.

As much as you want to settle the score, I think knowing how violated you feel will make her more remorseful in the long run. Hopefully, she will take action to win back your trust. If in time you are feeling more secure around her with your private thoughts, then maybe you can figure out a way to rebuild your relationship.

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