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A recent post on's Sexuality Blog considers the moans we make when we're getting it on. The post specifically recalls a study completed by Dr. Roy Levin, a sexologist, who determined that there were many reasons to make noise while in the throws of passion. According to the post, Levin's list of common motives include:

  • Conveying information to our partner about our arousal levels, what we like, and what we don’t.
  • Increasing our sexual arousal levels and/or that of our partner(s).
  • Enhancing the experience of pleasure (referred to as “hedonic amplification”).
  • Facilitating other arousal systems.

Adding to Levin's findings, the blog also mentions physical exertion as a possible and more basic explanation for noise during intercourse, likening sexy moans to the grunts of tennis players. Whatever the case may be, there's something extremely intimate about the noises of lovemaking that most people either find incredibly sexy or uncomfortable and awkward. I think it can be a bit of both depending on who it's coming from!

So ladies, what are your thoughts on being verbal during sex? Do you tend to be noisy? Or, are you as quiet as possible? And which do you prefer your partner be?


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