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Gift Ideas For You Best Friend

Très Gift Guide: Ideas For Your BFF

Gift Ideas For You Best Friend

Finding the perfect gift for your best girlfriend can be much easier than shopping for a new boyfriend. Chances are you and your bff have a lot in common, so you can treat it like shopping for yourself! But once the holiday craziness descends, it can't hurt to have a few ideas stored in your bag of gift tricks.

A girl with a case of wanderlust will savor a framed map of her favorite city ($159). If you're looking for a present you can enjoy together, give her this glass teapot ($49) and set of aromatic loose teas ($12) and suggest a tea party. A spa gift certificate will also ensure quality time together, so long as she invites you along for the day of pampering.

Speaking of relaxation, this Laura Mercier Creme Brulée bath and body cream duo ($48) will let her escape with the smells of a French patisserie during the cold Winter. If she has elegant taste, then give her the Encyclopedia of Exquisite ($16) so she can learn about the origins of everything from badminton to champagne. And you can always go literal, getting her and you an updated version of the BFF necklace, like this one made by Juicy Couture ($61).

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