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King-Air-Driver King-Air-Driver 9 years
Selling future pictures of the baby may be a normal enterprise in the elite circles of stardom, but i rank it as the most immature action taken by Jamie Lynn's 'management team' to date. I hope they will make use of the 1 Million by donating it to St. Jude Children's Hospital or another children's charity whose sole mission is to help the poor children without financial means obtain top medical treatment.
King-Air-Driver King-Air-Driver 9 years
We share the pain and confusion that Jamie Lynn initially felt. This is a very difficult situation even when experienced by one less well known. We can't imagine the complexities that perception/legal/contractual/and career related issues will add to the family pressures. But we do know that the Spears Family is following their faith to the letter by keeping and raising this baby within their own church and extended family. I pray for Jammie, Brittney and children, their brother and parents and ask that God provide his wisdom to this family. A valuable dialog is being generated in my daughters high school and church groups and the consensus appears to be supportive for the Spears, while at the same time underscoring and reinforcing the cost of extramarital sex. We in no way condone her actions, but we will prayerfully support here child related activities. God Bless you Jamie Lynn. We will miss you at softball...
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