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Girls' Road Trip Packing List

Fun Essentials For a Girlfriend Getaway

There are no better road trip partners than the ones who promise a darn good time. That could be your boyfriend (in which case you should check out our road trip essentials for couples) or your best girlfriends. If you're planning a ladies-only getaway this Fourth of July weekend or anytime this Summer, we've got you covered with items that will help you hit the road no matter what the destination. We promise you'll be laughing while riding in style and comfort the entire time.

  • Air freshener ($3): The hard truth is that all those hours on the road are bound to produce a funky car feel; only the girls will get why you chose this quirky air freshener that's part dog, part Andy Warhol.
  • Neck pillow ($20): Gift your girls comfy neck pillows for naptime and driver shift changes.
  • Photo app ($1): You already know you'll be taking photos galore, so dress them up with the pretty scrapbook-like features of the A Beautiful Mess app.

Check out our entire list of road-trip essentials after the break!

  • Portable speaker ($40): Rock out to tunes on all of your beach stops with this super fun, bright, and compact speaker that looks like it's from another era.
  • Hand sanitizer ($2): When gas station bathrooms just won't do, pass around some ultranecessary hand gel.
  • Sipper cup ($12): Stay hydrated throughout long, hot drives with a sassy cup that sports some major attitude.
  • Urination device ($10): Holding it in for a long stretch of bathroom-less highway? No worries! This silicone funnel allows ladies to pee standing up. And even if no one is brave enough to use it, it's sure to elicit a good laugh from the group.
  • Crumpled city map ($7): Who has time to fold maps anyway? Crumpled city maps are a genius and fuss-free way to find your way around town.
  • Bubble Tape ($2): Add a touch of nostalgia to your trip with a treat from your childhood that all the girls will love.
  • Conversation-starting cards ($15): It'll feel like funny lady Mindy Kaling is right there with you on the road trip with cards that spark conversation. Have a blast talking about topics like "revenge fantasies while running" and why "guys need to do almost nothing to be great."
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