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Give My Kid Plan B Behind My Back? Yes, Please!

We're happy to present this excerpt of a story from one of our favorite sites, YourTango. Today, one mother offers her take on NYC schools' decision to give the morning-after pill without parental consent.

Thirteen New York City high schools are making Plan B available to students without parental notification. The only thing that upsets me about this news is that it doesn't apply to my middle schooler.

Lesson of the Day: Don't Use Plan B as Your Only Birth Control

Katie Mcdonough at calls this a turning point for sex ed in America, and the New York Post reports that only one to two percent of parents have opted out of the program. But we tend to be avant-garde about these things in the NYC, and I'm sure parents across the nation are cringing at the thought of 14-year-olds having sex.

Heck, I'm cringing about it right now.

I'm not saying it's pretty. Or that they're even enjoying it. (Let's all take a moment to shudder at the memory of our own ill-considered youthful adventures.) But 14- and 15-year-olds had sex without telling their parents back in the '80s when I was a teen, so it's only dangerous optimism that makes us Generation Xers think our kids are immune to hormone-driven shenanigans.


For the rest of the article, head to YourTango: Give My Kid Plan B Behind My Back? Yes, Please!.

— Jen Anderson

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