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Glasses Make People Look Three Years Older

What People Really Think of You in Glasses

When I was 8, I wanted glasses so badly that I not-so-subtly pretended to fail a school eye exam. That makes it next to impossible for me to understand their nerdy history. Especially since they're so trendy now that people over age 8 fake-wear them.

Yet prejudice still exists, but today geekiness isn't considered as bad as being old. A study, which surveyed over 4,000 people at the London Vision Clinic, found that people who wear glasses are perceived to be 3.3 years older on average.

Two groups of people were given 10 pictures of the same people. They wore glasses in one set but didn't in the other. In glasses, they were seen by strangers as older, less confident, physically weaker, and better with computers.


I'd say glasses make people look more academic and intriguing, but maybe that's just a nicer way of saying "physically weaker" and "older." What do you think they do?

Source: Flickr User titlap

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