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What People Really Think of You in Glasses

When I was 8, I wanted glasses so badly that I not-so-subtly pretended to fail a school eye exam. That makes it next to impossible for me to understand their nerdy history. Especially since they're so trendy now that people over age 8 fake-wear them.

Yet prejudice still exists, but today geekiness isn't considered as bad as being old. A study, which surveyed over 4,000 people at the London Vision Clinic, found that people who wear glasses are perceived to be 3.3 years older on average.

Two groups of people were given 10 pictures of the same people. They wore glasses in one set but didn't in the other. In glasses, they were seen by strangers as older, less confident, physically weaker, and better with computers.


I'd say glasses make people look more academic and intriguing, but maybe that's just a nicer way of saying "physically weaker" and "older." What do you think they do?

Source: Flickr User titlap

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Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
^^ Wow anon my mom's house is right around the corner from that Giant Eagle and I go there pretty frequently... I will have to keep my eyes open for that guy.
hiptobesquare hiptobesquare 6 years
I am so, so sick of all the anti-glasses stuff out there. From contact commercials telling you that ditching your glasses will boost your confidence ("you can finally ask him out! you're no longer a geek!"), to an article Cosmo about how guys don't hit on girls with glasses. I'm a proud glasses wearer -actually switched from contacts, and I love it. From the Tina Fey comments (so flattering), to attracting the cute, indie hipsters, I find them an asset, not a hindrance.
stephley stephley 6 years
I can't wear contacts!! :cry:
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 6 years
I've had to wear glasses since age 14, but I very quickly got contacts. I hate wearing my glasses. I only do so when my contacts are not in. I wear contacts on a near-daily basis, however. I feel like glasses hide or overwhelm my face, even when I opt for delicate frames. I also feel like no one can see my eye makeup, which I like people to see! I think they look very stylish on some people, though. I just don't like myself in them. I also see much better when I wear contacts as opposed to glasses.
myfaircady myfaircady 6 years
I love my glasses so much. I've worn them for about 6 years, since I was 14. I've never worn them at all times, but I'm trying to get into that habit now. I've kind of noticed my vision going even more downhill. I don't think I look any older with them, and no one has ever mentioned that. I think I do look slightly more mature in them occasionally. I get the "sexy librarian" comment a lot when I do wear them. My boyfriend used to request I wore them when I'd go over because he's so fond of them. A lot of my girl friends think that they just add to cuteness and that they really bring out my inner nerd.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
I have learned to love my glasses! I have some one day contacts somewhere, but never wear them. Plenty of people have told me they really like my glasses too. Some guys have even said they want to do completely inapproproate things to them 0_o
bluebellknoll bluebellknoll 6 years
I had to start wearing glasses in the 3rd grade and I hated them with a passion. I started wearing contacts in the 8th and have had no desire to switch back. I did a lot of sports in grade school and HS and it made a HUGE difference to be able to wear contacts.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
I usually wear contacts, I have pretty eyes and I feel like glasses hide them, plus like Beth said it's easier to wear sunglasses and I wear sunglasses almost constantly- which is the mysterious, sexy way to hide them. A few men have told me I look nerdy-hot in my glasses, which is nice to hear but I'd rather people got to know me before they know how much of a nerd I am. I will say though, I hate it now that thick plastic rims are in fashion, my eyesight is so bad I need to wear thick plastic rims or my lenses will stick out too far and look weird. Hell my rims now are almost a quarter inch thick and my lenses stick out a bit- and they're ultra thin polycarbonate lenses. Now that it's hip to wear thick glasses it makes me look like I'm trying to be hip, and I hate giving off that impression.
imLissy imLissy 6 years
I used to look good in glasses until I lost weight. Now my face is just too small or something, I look like a huge nerd. My husband on the other hand, he looks like a sexy, sexy nerd in glasses. Too bad he hates wearing them :(
pureperfection pureperfection 6 years
pureperfection pureperfection 6 years
for me, clear vision supersedes imagine and what people perceive of me. im such a lazy person i cant be bothered with putting on contacts daily. its the confidence one should have in himself/herself which can prevent how others view them. so glasses arent that bad. we wear it objectively, i mean the fundamental purpose since the first invention of glasses are just so people can see things which are being blurred due to their eye problems, whatever it may be.
starbucks2 starbucks2 6 years
When my brother got his glasses I was so jealous...when I was actually told I had to get them at age 13 I cried my eyes out! I got a pair and never ever wore them until my mom caved in and got me contacts. I was super self concious at that age, and glasses did not help that! I think some people look really cute with glasses. If you find a shape that fits your face, it can really be a bonus. I just hate those things on myself... Oh and I don't know if I perceive people differently because of their glasses...I would like to take that test....
stephley stephley 6 years
'..would they thinK'
stephley stephley 6 years
I've worn glasses most of my life and people have always guessed my age to be 7-10 years younger - so without glasses would they thing I was 10-13 years younger?
bethinabox bethinabox 6 years
I like glasses! I think I look wicked cute with them on. :) I've had them since I was in 3rd grade, I think? Maybe 2nd. Anyway... I'd always wanted them, whenever my brother or parents would go for their eye exams, I'd try on all the pairs of glasses! I was SO thrilled when I got them! LOL. I wore contacts from when I was 11 to about 16, then switched back to glasses until last year when I was 20. Now I just find it more convenient to wear contacts--I can wear any sunglasses I want to! LOL. Plus I used to hate the way I looked without glasses, but now I think I look pretty good either way.
amber512 amber512 6 years
I didn't get them until last year, when I was 26. I hate the way they look on me! Luckily I only need them for driving, so I usually don't wear them in front of other people.
MissSushi MissSushi 6 years
I hate my glasses, but I've only been wearing them for 3 years. I hate everything about them from how they fit to what they look like to how i clumsily knock them off my face 20,000 times a day. The only thing I hate more then my glasses is sticking a contact on my eyeball. Blah. I knew id end up with glasses becuase i totally wear my eyes out with computers and reading. It's getting to where I can't go on the computer without them. Sad times.
gingirl gingirl 6 years
That's a great idea, Girl Jen! I should do that. As it is, I actually sit on my bathroom counter to try and get close to the mirror. Doesn't work too well, lol.
catita85 catita85 6 years
I wanted to use eyeglasses so bad when I was a child. But my eyesight has always been good, so I didn´t need them. But I think people with glassed tend to look great.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
gingirl, I solved the makeup problem with a mirror hanging on the wall, with no counter between myself and that mirror. I can stand an inch away and put on makeup. It's a wonderful thing.
gingirl gingirl 6 years
I think they help me see further than an inch away from my face. I've been told I look younger with my glasses on (the opposite of this study) as opposed to when I wear contacts, but maybe that's because I tend to wear less makeup on my face when I'm wearing glasses. That may or may not be because I can't really tell how well I'm putting it on, eyeliner especially! And I've definitely gotten the "hot/nerdy librarian" comments. But physically weaker, really?
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
I've worn glasses since I was 11 and I love them. They make me look like me (which is one of many reasons I don't like contacts; they make me look too different). I'd be very interested to participate in that study. I don't notice any differences in my perception of people with glasses vs people without glasses; then again, I've never been asked to make guesses on people's personalities based on pictures before.
le-romantique le-romantique 6 years
I see my glasses as a trademark. I'm very "Cartoon-esq", auburn curly hair and big thick rimmed glasses that say ICE on the side. Without my glasses (which is rare, I'm blind without them and hate contacts), and with straight hair, I look like a playboy model (thanks to my curves), but when I have my glasses on, people see me as more of a nerdy librarian. Either way, I always look about 17 or 18 years old, even though I'm 22, so I don't think they make me look older.
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