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Will a Good Fundraiser Make a Good President?

Barack Obama's war chest is three times as full as Hilary Clinton's. Barack has $32 million to help him finish this nomination marathon, compared to Hillary's $11 million.

In an attempt to close this gap, Hillary's campaign has become a little less flashy. The Wall Street Journal reported that Hillary cut back on expenses after donors complained the campaign was spending too much on hotels and catering.

Of course being able to convince people to give you their money is a good indication of popularity and momentum. But, what if Hillary wins big after being so disadvantaged at the bank? Does that make her win worth more?

Perhaps a candidate's ability to raise money, and budget it effectively, is a reflection of management skills. Such skills could be crucial in the general election and as the leader of the country. What role do fund-raising capabilities play in our assessment of the candidates?

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