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Good Idea or Bad Idea: Drinking Wine While Pregnant

Have you ever seen a pregnant woman sip on a glass of wine at a restaurant and secretly passed judgment on her? Or have you ever been on the flip side and felt the evil stares of strangers while you enjoyed a glass of wine even though you were expecting? While obstetrician/gynecologists don't recommend drinking while pregnant, most agree that a few glasses of wine after your first trimester will not harm the baby.

So how do you feel about this taboo topic? Do you think it is a good idea or a bad idea for expecting mothers to enjoy a glass of wine once or twice a week?


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ali321 ali321 8 years
I don't get why it matters if there's a special occasion. Does that somehow mean it won't harm the baby, but if you drink for no reason it will? Anyway I don't think it's worth it, but I don't drink much anyway. Anything that actually tastes like alcohol is gross to me. I would be way to nervous personally.
Crybabymommy Crybabymommy 8 years
"drinking itself is unhealthy and bad. so?" Actually drinking wine is not bad nor unhealthy. (Psalm 104:15)(1 Timothy 5:23) If that were the case Jesus would not have turned water into a wine when the wine ran out at a wedding feast.(John 2:1-12) In fact it was Jesus' first miracle. Getting drunk and binge drinking is unhealthy and unwise.
Crybabymommy Crybabymommy 8 years
I'm 6mths preggers, I haven't had a glass of wine for just that long as well. Though I think sometimes in my third trimester when I'm really big I'll have a warm bath and glass of red wine. Or when I'm going into labour and the nurse asks me if she could get me anything I might suggest a shot of Tequila. In ancient bible times with vineyards all around there are no scriptures saying that the pregnant woman should not consume wine. The bible does say to abstain from blood...good health to you. If it was a serious risk factor (the unborn baby being life according to the scriptures) Jehovah would have made it law for sure. Most of us were probably born here in North America and we have been conditioned to believe that wine is a big risk no no. While if we were born in raised in Europe such as France or Italy we would have grown up thinking or believing something completely different and we'd be drinking wine in some sidewalk cafe with our dinner. I vote go head, but it's at your own risk. I don't think we can pass judgement on people simply because we don't know where they are from and what there background is. Smoking THAT'S ROTTEN even if you are not pregnant. Drugs-shame on you. But wine...I don't is not a bad thing if we are not pregnant. Moderation is another key element...and is a word used frequently throughout the scriptures as well. How are we different then those who live in France or Italy, and how are we all that different from women from ancient bible times. We have lots of information about the development of our baby...decide for yourself really. Believe me, I want a glass of red wine really bad. I admire the Euro's who seem so much more free...but I was raised in Canada...I've been conditioned into being booze free...but I wish to just be free... I'm due in November. I can wait. That's my two cents!
calli-gurl calli-gurl 9 years
drinking itself is unhealthy and bad. so?
Smokey11 Smokey11 9 years
With my first child - I was really really careful...Then I got sick. I was very ill w/ gallstones and Pancreatitis. At around 28 weeks - I was in the hospital for a good week. Demerol and Gravol every 4 hours! Extreme Antibiotics! And they eventually had me scheduled for surgery! They were going to put me under and hack me up - take out my gallbladder - all while I was preggers! That made me change my mind a bit - as to how "Paranoid" we are. There were many nurses and dr's trying to give my demerol and morphine - even tho they weren't sure what was wrong w/ me! I refused (being preggers) But eventually - the pain was to great - and I had to give in! I'm not saying to dope yourself up w/ drugs and wine! But - really - there are ppl out there (sick ppl) whom are pregnant that go their entire pregnancy on morphine, or other such drugs.... Whether or not a glass of wine is good/bad or harmful. The shit we breath everyday or the crap that's in any sort of processed food - is just as harmful! It's all relative! SO - One could eat a handful of pizza-pops and cheeze whiz - or one could have a glass of wine! I'd pick the kid w/ the glass of wine over the Kraft one - in heartbeat!!!
BonjourChaton BonjourChaton 10 years
Its a bad idea. There is no reason that you NEED to drink any alcohol during your pregnancy, so just don't. Why do you need to have a glass of wine to celebrate a wedding or an anniversary? I didn't drink anything during my pregnancy because why risk it just for one glass of wine? I had a birthday and an anniversary during my pregnancy and I CRAVED beer for some reason, but I felt better about it because I waited. Better safe than sorry.
vmruby vmruby 10 years
bad idea......whether it's harmful or not.Im not really a drinker, although I do like a glass of wine every now and then but not while I was pregnant.
krisua krisua 10 years
Alcohol is alcohol.
Calimie Calimie 10 years
I said "better not risk it" but I'm pretty sure that a glass of wine as a special thing is not going to harm the baby. Of course, if it becomes a daily thing or you get drunk then it will be a problem but reall, wine? It's not that terrible. I wouldn't judge anyone who did it but I wouldn't do it myself.
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