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Good Idea or Bad Idea: Nair Pretty for Pre-Teens

In a recent New York Times article, the makers of Nair announced a new product focused on the younger demographic of pre-teens - made with fruity scents and all. According to Bill Boraczek, senior vice president of marketing at Sally Hansen, 26 percent of hair removers are girls 12-19 years old, but Nair Pretty is geared even younger, 10-15 year olds, otherwise known as "first-time hair removers." To drive this idea even more, marketing executives are saying things such as, "When a girl removes hair for the first time, it's a life-changing moment," and what young girl doesn't want to be perceived as older at that age?

I remember being a middle school-er and having my mom tell me I was too young to shave my legs, but times have certainly changed. So while Nair Pretty is safer than shaving (no nicks or cuts), what I want to know is, do you think it's a good idea or a bad idea for such young kids to be concerned with a little hair on their legs? Would you want your pre-teenager to have Nair Pretty in her medicine cabinet?


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laynalayna123 laynalayna123 9 years
xxsweetsasyxx xxsweetsasyxx 9 years
I belive (MY OPINION!) that young (11-13, or older) should be allowed to use nair because they may already be submitted to peer-pressure and I remember that feelining it was not fun and always worrying(spelled that wrong but oh, well) about my legs being toohairy! I don't want other people to have to suffer from that feeling. It just makes you feel like an outcast. Then if they worry about having hairy legs they worry about being made fun-of and their self-esteem would probably drop dramatically I know mine did. Kids should be allowed to shave(or use a beauty product!) when they feel the need to! I mean why should they have to suffer? When I was eleven I worried about having hairy legs and tried to avoid wearing shorts or skirts in Florida! (pretty hot during the summer) People would ask me" why do yo always wear pants?" I'd say, "Because I like to wear pants." Which wasn't a TOTAL lie its just I had become fond of wearing pants. But sometimes it got so hot I would worry about becoming sweaty in pants and worry that I may have to wear shorts. I didn't like that feeling and I don't want the young kids to feel that way too.
kelleylocke kelleylocke 9 years
Let's put it this way, when I was faced with the trauma of being the first girl in my grade to get her period in 5th grade at 11 - I was allowed to shave my legs.
Asia84 Asia84 9 years
Who buys femenine products for preteens??? The MOTHERS! So therefore, it's up to the mother of the girl rather or not she buys the product. If the product doesn't sell, they will discontinue it. Why do people get soo wired up about something so person and individual??!! I remember when those Brat dolls came out, and people freaked out then, like it was a conspiracy. Either you buy the porduct or you don't. Let's not start the protest.
selenasuha selenasuha 9 years
OMG, I have to comment again. I am reading through all of this and repeatedly seeing "I COULDN'T wear skirts or shorts blah blah" or "I HAD to wear pants in the summer" Who raised you and where did you come from that you felt so pressured and self-conscious at so young an age? I think it's awful that girls have gone through that. Maybe it is because I grew up in the Bay Area - Peninsula, Berkeley and SF - that I never had to deal with this issue. When I was younger it was like some girls did and some didn't and it wasn't a big deal. There were a couple of mild jokes thrown out about "cactus vs. forest" but never anything hurtful. As I said before, my 13 year old is not having any problems with not shaving. She has a few friends who do and some who don't. NONE of them are teasing her or making her feel bad. Maybe it's a San Francisco "pc" thing or my kid just picked good friends, but this is a non-issue in her set. **Tonight I showed my daughter and her friend the newer Nair ad from the link and they both laughed at it and said they thought it looked skanky. LOL!
ameliabrooke ameliabrooke 9 years
ok, so maybe 10 is a bit young for shaving legs. However, say its a 15 year old shaving her legs for the first time, why not? I mean nair is a lotion. It's a bit silly to say no to her using a lotion since most women for the first time use a razor. that's kinda saying "here honey, use this sharp razor that may possibly slice ur leg open but not a simple lotion?" anyways if its safe why not? different parents have different ideas as to when their daughter begins shaving. I started at 15 i think while my little sister began at 13. i personally would be more comfortable with my daughter using a lotion versus a razor for her first time especially.
BeHappy BeHappy 9 years
i am 15 now and began using creams at about 11/12 because the hair was really bad - i don't regret it and its alot easier than shaving or waxing - and if the hair is noticeable it can lead to horrible teasing. in the long run, its the better choice, in my opinion.
Knives Knives 9 years
Not like women were not getting married at 12-15 for a good 3,000 years. Puberty is a time when personal hygiene must be taught, and shaving your legs is part of it, chauvinistic society or not.
Neural Neural 9 years
I don't think it's that big of a deal. I didn't wait for my mom to tell me I was ready, I just asked a friend to show me. So I would rather my daughter not use a razor if she's going to start removing hair at the age of 10 or something. I started shaving when I was 12.
TheMissus TheMissus 9 years
Let's face it people. Girls are hitting puberty at younger and younger ages now. Like me... the night before my 10th birthday, my mum told me I would need to start wearing a bra soon. I was devastated! And totally not nterested in growing up! By the time I was in 6th grade, I had hairy legs. But my mum wouldn't let me shave them. And then I got my period about two months after school started (I was 11). And even THEN she still wouldn't let me shave them. I had to avoid wearing skirts in the hot Arizona desert because she would't let me shave them. FINALLY, when I turned 12, I was allowed to shave them. But in all honesty, you shouldn't necessarily subject a girl to being allowed to use hair removal products based on her age. It's GOT to be about when she NEEDS to start doing it. If my daughter has hairy legs by age 8, and is embarassed to wear skirts, then I would let her shave. Self esteem is way more important than silly societal standards.
LeavingSong LeavingSong 9 years
No one can say when a child is too young or old. It all depends on the person. I had the most disgusting black hairy legs. My mom wouldn't let me shave at all, same with my brows. And it would of been that way until I injured myself and needed to go to the hospital. I protested that I wouldn't go because I was embarassed(leg injury) and she shaved the injured leg and when I returned and when I was fixed I started to shave. I was..about 14. I couldn't wear shorts or skirts or kapris ! During our hot summers I had to wear long pants. So, this all depends on the person.
junebrug junebrug 9 years
"When a girl removes hair for the first time, it's a life-changing moment," A**hole, please. Copy written by a man -- of course.
bbkf bbkf 9 years
I started shaving at age 9; I was starting to get underarm hair and it really wasn't a big deal at all. It wasn't a major step in my life-- just another part of my daily grooming routine like brushing my teeth and hair. I would have loved to have Nair instead of shaving since my skin is sensitive and I get razor burn easily.
TexasTwinkle TexasTwinkle 9 years
I think its fine. I would not want to be the girl that was remembered as the one with hairy legs. People are cruel and if there is that much dark hair on her legs by all means give her the tools she needs to succeed! pepino:
Pheefs Pheefs 9 years
I just don't like the idea of marketing hair removal to 10 year olds. As though ALL of them (hairy or not) need to worry about it. It should be a decision made by each family, and not by pressure through advertising. There's enough of that already.
gumdrops334 gumdrops334 9 years
i think once you get to middle school, theres nothing wrong with shaving. I got my period when I was 11 so I matured pretty early. I can't remember when I started shaving, but it's not a sign that you want to be sexually attractive, but leg hair is very embarrassing when you have to wear a skirt to school everyday (I went to a private school). So in my case, there should be nothing wrong with this.
shoegirl365 shoegirl365 9 years
I was 16 when my mom gave me permission to shave my legs! 16! which now looking back was a perfect time, since I don't think I would have liked being self conscious before that.
designerel designerel 9 years
I don't think age is as much the issue as the individual girl. If it makes her that self-conscious, no matter what age, and it bothers her that much, then I think she should be able to remove it if she wants to. At least with Nair, you're not dealing with razors so it's a little more "safe." My mom didn't let me shave and who knows when she would have let me shave, I just started doing it secretly on my own when I was 13. It was only because I went to a private school and we had swimming classes so I felt really self-conscious about my underarms. Otherwise, I never gave it a thought until then. She would discourage me by saying it would grow back thicker but of course that's not true. All girls are different. We can't pigeon-hole them and say by what age is appropriate to shave.
piecesbroken piecesbroken 9 years
I know that these young girls see what their older sisters, mothers, and cousins are doing and want to do it too. A woman is going to be shaving her legs almost til the day she dies (if I live to be 100, I'll stop when I'm about 75) why would you want to add extra years to that when you don't have too?? Had I listened to my mother (for me an unbelievable statement) I could have warded off all of the nicks and cuts on my lovely prepubescent little legs. Shame on Nair. These girls are just coming into their womanhood, why, why, why would you want them to give it up so soon? So you can make an extra couple of dollars? So you can send your child to another expensive rehab? So you can look your shareholders in the face and tell them that they are the richest people on the planet at the expense of other people's children? Don't you think that these young, impressionable girls have enough to deal with?? Let's give them something else that they can hate themselves for. Hope you're happy with yourself!!
brittanyk brittanyk 9 years
I think I started shaving when I was probably 12. It just seems wrong to start pressuring girls that young to start shaving though. I did it a few times before I was 12 without my mom knowing. I don't think she cared either way, but I absolutely hate shaving now...if only I knew then what I knew now, haha.
controlledspin controlledspin 9 years
Well, I think that there is a big difference between 10 and 15. My daughter is going to be 10 soon, and I know she is self-conscious about her dark leg hair. I really do not want her to start shaving anytime soon. I still feel she is too young, but at 12, I know she will want to start shaving by then. I think it has more to do with girls periods, and every girl is different. I agree with starting too young though. I get really, really mad when I see 'Kim Possible' bras for girls of 5 and 6 when THEY DON'T NEED IT. The bra thing is a bigger issue. I hate that. And I had the HARDEST time finding my daughter a plain bra once she finally needed a little coverage, because they are all now made with CUPS - like serious formed cups. All they need at the beginning is just a little triangle, not a formed cup!! I think there is a real scary trend towards sexualizing girls under 10, and that freaks me out big time. But I do realize that girls mature differently, so the shaving thing doesn't seem as big of a deal as some of the provocative clothing, bras, etc.
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 9 years
I didn't start shaving my legs until I was 12. What 10-year-old can even use a razor properly, let alone understand how to use something like Nair that can burn your skin if not used in the correct manner? Come on, society. Get off it! Let these KIDS be KIDS.
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