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Good Idea or Bad Idea: Taking a Break

We all remember the infamous "we were on a break" episode on Friends when Ross used his freedom a little too quickly for Rachel's liking. Clearly they were not on the same page with the definition of the term or the rules of their separation.

Typically when couples take a break, they need a little space to breathe in their relationship and decide on their own if their relationship is worth salvaging. Every couple has different meanings of what a break should entail, dating other people, not talking, talking but not spending time together, etc. Do you believe in taking a break in a relationship or do you think it simply prolongs the inevitable break up?


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denis50 denis50 5 years
Ive been together and rock solid with my gf since high school (4yrs)...and this year she went overseas for the year while i stayed home. We decided to take a break citing the reasons as for independence and just thought a long term relationship was too much for a young age. Our 1 ground rule was no sex and we both stayed true to it, however I struggled witgh the concept and didnt do anything with other girls while she had a mini relationship with a guy. Because we wernet clear on our feelings at the start now theres this awkward inbalance and it may have ruined things. My advice is be 100% clear about the ground rules and make sure you check up on each other and ensure your on the same page.
jimmyn10 jimmyn10 8 years
really need a point of veiw??
jimmyn10 jimmyn10 8 years
My Girl friend and i have just gone on a break and the reasons were she doesnt know how she feels about me anymore! So i dont know what to do casue she wants no communication at all so i said okay you tell me when you have decided what you feel! but i dont know if i can do this cause being away from here is alot harder then i thought and i dont know what she is thinking anyone wanna have a input please??
Todds-girl Todds-girl 8 years
If a break means take a time out for a few days or however long you need (not break up but take a breather..just to have some space) then Id say that's probably good for you. But if you need to break up as in not be together for a few days..that seems really stupid. Some people have been known to hookup with someone else during that time and think they can get off the hook cause they were "on a break". (is anyone remembering that episode of friends?) Well..that is true..I had a good friend who had that happened to..and it's horrible. I think that if people are gonna take a break (in that way) they should at least lay down some rules and let each other know what they're both wanting out of it and what they both want from the other person like "i am not allowing you to sleep with someone if you do, I consider it cheating and we're through". But i guess it all depends on the relationship and situation.
ebonytemple ebonytemple 9 years
I came across this page and I guess I was surprised to see so many people say that they think that a break is a good thing. I am currently undergoing or just realized that my bf and I are on a "break" after dating very initimately for 15 months. Although I love him with all my heart and more than anyone ever before him, part of me feels like the safety that I once felt in trusting him to always be there for me and me for him is gone. It is not that he is seeing someone else during this break, it is just that he feels that he is still battling childhood scars at his age that he feels he needs to conquer alone. So for me this break has broken my heart and faith in trusting him to be there in my life. My question to all and to myself now is this....even if we get back together when the "break" is done, will I be able to feel like I can open my heart back up to him?
windynini windynini 10 years
Oh my God, my now ex-boyfriend and I took a break about two weeks ago and a week later he broke up with me, telling me that he needs sometime for himself. He says that he still loves me and to just have patience with him, to basically wait for him. What does that mean? I say breaks are just messy things that happen in relationships and that ultimately lead to a negative path.
lintacious lintacious 10 years
to me, a break-up in general really just means a time out. and taking a break is basically breaking up. it means the relationship is bad. something is wrong. im not even sure it needs to be said. just, spend less time apart. make yourself busier for a week. thats all.
janoxide janoxide 10 years
its best if its not called a "break", technically speaking. usually we assume that break it to not see each other and chill out in our own time, but mostly will lead to think that it will be a real break up. the word "taking a break" is not the best of ideas. perhaps just say to have a lesser "us" time because of the situation and more communication because thats how relationship goes, to be fair to both parties.
onesong onesong 10 years
i dont really think breaks make much sense. as everyone here seems to realize, it's a murky puddle where right and wrong have to be defined down to the nth degree in order for everyone to be peaceful. screw that. just break up, and if you guys find you made the wrong decision, get back together. the end!
the-makeup-blogette the-makeup-blogette 10 years
for me taking a break is as good as breaking up!
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