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Ivanka Trump just announced that she will be joining her father on the board of Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc. Obviously Donald Trump is a very well known businessman and while some might consider her decision to be a no brain-er, others will have a different opinion on the pros and cons of working in the family business.

On one hand, it's a great way to be with the ones you love on a daily basis, working in an environment that you most likely know with your eyes closed, but on the other hand, working with your family gives you no escape from an overbearing mother, or a strict father -- oftentimes creating unnecessary stresses between family members or spouses. So ladies, tell me, do you think it is a good idea or a bad idea to work for your family's business?


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Casimira Casimira 10 years
An in-law of mine works for his parents and he used to hate it. He felt like they were making it so he couldn't leave. Then his daughter got sick and he found out that having your mom and dad be your boss isn't all bad--he's had all the time he's needed to deal with his daughter's illness.
calibabi calibabi 10 years
it just depends on if it's something you will enjoy doing. no one should feel pressured to join the family business just for the sake of family. but if you really want to do that with the rest of your life, go for it! you're lucky to have connections!
Marimaru Marimaru 10 years
It really depends on the family. My husband and myself, as well as my sister and her husband work for my mom and her boyfriend. There is one other person in the company who isn't really family, but he's basically been assimilated in. Work rifts do create family rifts, but the family works hard to fix them than 'just a job' would.
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 10 years
I work for two of my first cousins, and it's awesome. BUT, it's a virtual company so we all work from home, and we live across the country from each other. So given the unique circumstances, it's not stifling at all since I have total freedom.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
I worked for my parents for a while. At first it was tough, but once we found a happy balance it all worked out. the only reason i left is taht my dad told me that he wanted me to try and use my degree that i had just earned, and reluctantly agreed. I am happy I did but sorry i am not a part of the family busines now.
MeeshD MeeshD 10 years
My mother is my business partner and it's a great venture for the two of us. I recently started an event planning business and she's my minority partner financially as well as my right-hand when it comes time to execute the plans. I think it can work if everyone involved can lose the "family" role when it's time to do business and leave the "business" role at the office when the day is over.
rubialala rubialala 10 years
It depends on the family. Some families can do it and I know many that do. They get along and they are successful. But I could never do this with my family.
mixed-media mixed-media 10 years
I've never been in this situation, nor would I ever want to be. It would just create unnecessary tension! I will say, however, that working for a family business when you're not in the family is HORRIBLE unless they are extremely professional and there is no favoritism. Also, it is absolutely awful to be in the middle of someone else's family situation!
tranquility tranquility 10 years
I've never had this experience, but I can only imagine how stifling it might be. Of course, there are all sorts of family businesses with varying demands, so it would all depend on how close the working relationship was. But I'd be concerned about the two worlds -- work and family -- overlapping. There's something to be said for having an immediate family and a (different) work family.
jhuck jhuck 10 years
Although it is pretty much a guaranteed job, it's not worth the trouble. My roomate works for her parents and with her brother. It's not always such a nice situation. Imagine your father threatening to fire you. Now not only are you upset with your boss, but you're creating tension in your family.
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