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Google Books' New Ngram Viewer

Google's New Tool Shows Sex on the Rise, Love Going Down

If Google Books' Ngram Viewer is any indication, sex may surpass love in popularity. Literary popularity, at least.

According to Google's new research tool, which tracks words and phrases across more than five million books, the word "love" has been dropping in popularity over the past 200 years, before plateauing slightly above "sex" around 1980. Speaking of 1980, that's the year "feminism" skyrocketed past "housewife," and "marry" lost out to "divorce." Maybe that's when our interest in divorce porn began? And although we are all fascinated with virginity, the actual word has stayed consistently low compared to "sexuality," which started climbing around 1940. And how about the whole "single" vs. "unmarried" debate? Well, it was a close call until around 1970, when "single women" became more popular than "unmarried women."

See the charts below, and let me know if you've discovered any great comparisons on the tool in the comments!

Virginity vs. Sexuality

Unmarried Women vs. Single Women

Housewife vs. Feminism

Divorce vs. Marry

Sex vs. Love
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Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
hmmm... cat has never been above dog. I could do this shit all day, wow.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
Browns have always been pretty high, Steelers have always been at the bottom of the chart. Women beat out men in the 1980s and continues to rise. Funny vagina had its peak in the 1880s and is getting beaten out by penis now.
Pistil Pistil 6 years
This is kind of cool. Hope has gone way down. Fortunately Despair remains level.
TheBestRedDress TheBestRedDress 6 years
People are hornier than ever. No surprise. I hope this doesn't correlate to what people are actually looking for in life though. That would truly be sad.
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