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Americans may worry about intrusive government spying, but the Brits fear Google as the next Big Brother. Google Earth cars are driving around England, taking 360-degree pictures of houses and streets, and putting them online, as part of its StreetView program.

Answering privacy critics in Europe, Google agreed to blur faces. But, the British worry about strangers, innocent and not, knowing whether they have a swimming pool, what type of car they drive, or which is the best way to rob their homes.

I can see how some may feel these camera-cars invade privacy; however, if they only show public streets people could travel to themselves, isn't the application just making the world more accessible? The most compelling argument against the StreetView is the thought that criminals and burglars can scope out a possible crime scene, without alerting anyone. Less serious criminals, like teenagers organizing pool parties at strangers' homes, have proven the threat.


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