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Gossiping Co-Workers

Group Therapy: Gossiping Co-Workers

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

I'm in my late twenties. I recently began employment in a different area of law which I have never been exposed to. I do possess a college degree and have almost five years of experience with my position. However, there are some changes, which were to be expected. I went from a large corporation to a small eight people firm. My workload has been cut down tremendously and I got my own office! However the people at my job are a lot older than I am and tend to gossip about one another when the others aren't around. My trainer, who is in her early 30s, rolls her eyes and tends to use a rude tone.

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Me: Good Morning
Trainer: Hi (while quickly dodging me)
Me: Sorry to bother you but I have a slight question regarding xyz
Trainer: I'll shoot you an e-mail with instructions (which usually is vague and I would have to follow up for more detail)
Me: Thanks
Trainer: Nods and walks away while rolling her eyes


The first week of her training me on procedures and the likes, she was so interested in knowing about my life. I am a reserved person and it takes me a while to open up on certain things but general things are ok. After that week she appeared annoyed to even help me out. Thankfully I have been catching on quickly but there are certain six-month procedures I will need assistance with. She is the only one in the office that knows what I do (since this was her position and now she works on the other side of the office).

I'm not losing sleep on this but it is bothersome on her remarks and the likes, and I can't really talk to anyone else in the office about it because everyone opened the business together and I do need this job. What is the best way on learning new information and is this the kind of environment that I can actually grow with? Opinions and suggestions are welcomed.Thanks!

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Quriosity Quriosity 5 years
That's really unfortunate...... stick with it, do your best, and see if you can somehow make friends with others. Just do as you're told and no one can make a fuss with that, but probably don't do beyond, you don't want more gossips about you kissing up to anyone. But if this continues long after probation period... then you should look into what other jobs available in the market. It's a toxic environment that no one should put up for their job!
lourdesita lourdesita 5 years
She sounds like some people I've unfortunatel met.. this could be her "hazing" period, trying to give you a hard time as the new girl. I'm sure you'll stick with it and things will get better as time passes. If she changed after the first week, the dynamic is sure to change again, and hopefully for the better. If you're a reserved person, you're probably a tough girl as well and can make it through. Keep in mind that miserable people often treat others miserably and she must have issues to deal with if she's a bit twisted like this. If things change, wonderful, and if they don't, then with a little more time you'll have a great small firm experience to put on your resume as you look for another job. Good luck!
mickerly33 mickerly33 5 years
I agree with the first post. This may not be an environment for healthy growth. But it's still an opportunity to learn and, therefore, grow. This woman, it seems to me, doesn't want to train you. She is probably "so over" the position and she probably wants to move on. You're life apparently doesn't interest her enough to spend a lot of time with you. Nothing you can do about that. If you can't complain to someone above her. And when I say complain I mean point out how the lack of training slows down your performance and makes everyone else's job harder. If you don't feel comfortable doing this than continue doing what you're doing. It might also help to get to know as many people in the business as possible. They may not be able to help you directly but might give some weight to your argument that more information would be helpful. You may have to "join" them in the gossip around the drinking fountain to fit in. Alternatively, you could also try politely mentioning, if you feel comfortable doing so, that you don't care about office gossip. Keep in mind that this comment is only a suggestion.
ChrissyLee ChrissyLee 5 years
You just have to deal with it. It's a company of 8 people who all made a decision to open this business together, so no matter what they say about each other they would probably have their backs if you said anything. So either realize it's a part of the job or find a new one.
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