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Ac2366 Ac2366 7 years
Ugh, you can't blame the cafeteria food. You have the ability to choose what you eat. There are always vegetarian meals available. You don't have to eat pizza everyday. I don't think you should be required to complete a class to graduate just because you are obese. I just get annoyed when people don't take responsibility for there own health and actions. Also, someone with a bmi over 30% does not just have a little meat on their bones.
staple-salad staple-salad 7 years
On the "University adds BMI requirement for graduation" article: No. Bad. While I believe the idea behind it is bad and that more universities need to put more focus on the physical health of their students, making it a REQUIREMENT to graduate is far too extreme. Some class loads simply do not make time for the gym (I have no time to do homework with my current schedule, going to the gym is right-out, I wish I could, but when it's pass the class or go to the gym, I'm passing my classes), some people WANT to have some meat on their bones, and some people have disorders. I understand that you lose weight or take the class, it just seems ridiculous. It's also discriminatory to fat people because the requirement isn't in place for people who are already thin. Meanwhile, many universities (and presumably this one), don't have the healthiest of food options. Usually there's a lot of pizza, cheese, fatty cuts of meat, and ranch dressing. Not to mention, I thought BMI is generally laughed at by people into fitness since you can be perfectly healthy and labeled "obese" because you have a lot of muscle mass, so some people who are very heavy due to muscles (like some football players and body builders), are labeled unhealthy.
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