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Grab Bag: Should I Date My Friend?

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vmruby vmruby 7 years
I married the man who was my best friend 10 yrs ago. One of the best decisions i've ever made..........
A1ex4ndr4 A1ex4ndr4 7 years
I'd say see how it feels... I'm really happy with the guy I'm with now, he is my best friend and the greatest lover ever. Everything started with an innocent friendship, and as time went by, we both realised that we can't live without each other.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
Last year, I would have said "sure, date a friend. If you're really in love it'll work out." Then, I dated my best friend. Now, the mention of her makes me want to be sick. Lesson: I'd never do it again.
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