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Grammys Rock the Vote at the Democratic National Convention

What Happened After Hillary's Speech? Awesomeness Ensued

I'm just going to say it: Nancy Pelosi is hipper than me. List of concerts I've been to in my lifetime? Amy Grant, MC Hammer, and Peter, Paul, and Mary. Nancy Pelosi on the other hand, hangs with Wyclef Jean.

Last night was an embarrassment of Democratic musical riches (if that's a thing.) After the business at the Pepsi Center concluded with Hillary's bang, Liberty and I saw Wyclef Jean perform (he played his guitar with his teeth or tongue, I couldn't tell but either way, uh wow) and got to meet Nancy Pelosi .

Then if that wasn't enough (and as the early bird around here I kept saying, "there's a 12 o'clock at night, too? What?!"), we played "What Would Nancy Do" and headed to the Grammys Rock the Vote after party. And they did — rock that is. To see what happened,


In a church converted into a nightclub (I doubt there will be a repeat of this venue at the RNC, but stay tuned) we saw Everclear, and I discovered a passion for this Daughtry, who was awesome live — and who at one point asked the crowd if they were planning to vote in November. I think the crowd did a collective check of their "Delegate" ID-tags, and gave him the "duh." The pomp and presentation on the convention floor might still be the star of the show for my convention, but Wyclef, Everclear, and Daughtry could just be my new Peter, Paul, and Mary.

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