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Greg Behrendt on Having Sex on the First Date

Greg Behrendt feels that making yourself happy is what's most important when it comes to the dating game, but what about having sex on the first date? Women often have to deal with the double standard that applies to sex, (when you have it, how many partners you've had, etc.) but there are some out there who don't necessarily play by "the rules" — some women think sex on the first date is no big deal at all!

If you're curious to see how Greg feels on this one, just


What are your thoughts on having sex on the first date?

I think if they want to have sex, yes have sex. I think if they're looking for a long-term relationship, they're rolling the dice. [People who it works out for] are the exception not the rule, because otherwise there would be so many married coeds. They would perform weddings in dorms.

To see more from my interview with Greg Behrendt, just click here.


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