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Greg Behrendt on Technology and Dating

It seems that most of you rely on text messaging when it comes to communicating with your love interest, but according to Greg Behrendt, author of He's Just Not That Into You, we can call the shots on how to communicate with our crushes. To see what he has to say about the role technology plays in the dating game,


How do you feel about the role technology plays in dating these days?

I think that in your life you have standards for what you will or will not tolerate, what works for you. If you're comfortable having an entire relationship on text, that's up to you, but you basically teach people how to treat you. If you want a phone call, ask for a phone call and accept nothing less. You want to see somebody in person? Let them know. The great thing is, it's expanded the way we communicate. You know, sometimes when I'm doing something like this, I can check in and shoot my wife an email or a text and say "Hey, I love you, just letting you know. Busy, can't really call right now." But if I did that all the time, it would be problematic.

To see more from my interview with Greg Behrendt, just click here.

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