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My boyfriend is 33 years old and lives at his parents' house in the basement, which he refers to as his "own apartment," even though it's just a room in the basement with a bed in it. At first he made his situation seem temporary, but as time goes by he has told me that he's comfortable living at his parents' house because he doesn't have to pay to live there and he is really close to his mom so he enjoys spending time with her during the day. He has told me that money isn't an issue (he has a job where he earns a living wage, but it's not a huge amount of money), and he says that he's comfortable with where he is, so he sees no reason as to why he should move out. He has lived on his own before, but he says that he has no desire to go back that situation.

I'm 21 years old and will graduate from college in less than a year. I see things completely differently — I can't stand the thought of living in my parents' house any longer than I have to. I would feel kind of pathetic sitting around my parents' house after the age of 30 just because it's comfortable. He doesn't see any problem with it and doesn't seem to have much motivation to move out of their house. Has anyone had experience with this situation? Is there any way to motivate him to get out of his parent's house?

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