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Guidelines For Royal Wedding Souvenirs

Want to Sell Royal Wedding Souvenirs? Follow These Rules

Another day, another story about the royal wedding. This time it's about how we'll remember the wedding of the decade after it's over (and how people will make money off it). Traditionally, royal-inspired tacky souvenirs are officially forbidden, but Prince William has graciously allowed people to honor him and Miss Catherine Middleton. There are guidelines, however, which start by decreeing that everything must be made in "good taste." Here are some more rules:

  1. You can't advertise something else. Hire an impersonator if you want to use the royals for PR.
  2. No tea towels. They may be very English, but they're just not royal. T-shirts and aprons are also banned, but carpets, scarves, and cushions are approved.
  3. You must include this phrase: "To Commemorate the Marriage of Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton, 29th April 2011." So the pre-official-engagement plate above, which uses "celebrate" and the name "Kate" is out. Presumably, they won't be too mad if you write the date the American way.
  4. You can only use approved images.
  5. Using the coat of arms is not OK.
  6. Production must end on Oct. 11, 2011 — I mean, 11th October 2011.

I'm adding a Wills and Kate apron to my holiday wish list. Who's with me? Anyone?

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