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Guy-on-Guy Kissing: Is Homophobia Becoming Extinct?

Seen any straight men smooching lately? Well, maybe you should hang out at British high schools and universities more often. A new study found men kissing on the lips is a new trend, nay a new norm, among young men.

I don't know if I'd call it normal, considering the study only surveyed 145 heterosexual male students. Of those, though, 89 percent said they've kissed a boy, and 37 percent liked it so much they engaged in "sustained kissing." Those who hadn't said guys kissing guys is no thang. In fact, one young man was so inspired that he texted a researcher later that night to say he was no longer a guy-kissing virgin.

Between girl-on-girl kissing becoming so overexposed that it makes us yawn and these findings, researchers now believe the end of homophobia is nigh. "These men have lost their homophobia," researcher Eric Anderson said. "They're no longer afraid to be thought gay by their behaviors, and they enjoy intimacy with their friends, just the same as women."


But whether it's a trend, a new sexual order, or just another study, the most fascinating aspect is the root cause of the guy-on-guy kiss. Find out where it began below.

Anderson believes it gained acceptability on the soccer field where players often kiss exuberantly after a goal or win. It then moved from the field to pubs and college campuses.

This all sounds very European to me, though, and right now it still is. But for how long? Researches also talked to American college soccer plays, and 20 percent had kissed another man. So maybe we're just a little behind Europe, like with small cars, high-speed trains, and man capris?

There is one important distinction to note, though: men do not consider kissing romantic, but like a more meaningful handshake. "I don't want to give the impression that it's like, 'Oh, I love you, mwah,'" Anderson said. "It's like, 'John! Rawr!' More exuberance."

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Yuan-Kai14978507 Yuan-Kai14978507 3 years
As a straight guy I do not see any problem for guy friends to kiss friendly it is just like hugging, saying I love you to eachother. As long as it doesn't mean the other thing it'll be nice to do. Those that think this is disgusting is just because they are homophobic
Shortwave60 Shortwave60 5 years
This issue is because of the Lack of homophobia, men kissing men is not tongue action, I will kiss another man, tight lipped, it's almost as in passing it is so quick, just a sign of affection, ask any Italian. 
Jake2010 Jake2010 6 years
Ok.. guy on guy is gross ok.. girl on girl... I've never yawned... especially if they are pretty.... sorry.... being honest.... Just my 2 cents...
Amandapedia Amandapedia 6 years
It doesn't really bother me, but living in the south I'm going to have to say that becoming mainstream is not likely. I think my guy friends would freak if another guy tried to kiss them.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
I don't like guy on guy kissing the same way I dont like girls kissing girls, or girls kissing guys for no reason.
Nope, sorry, ain't gonna happen. It's not about homophobia. Just because seeing something makes you disgusted does not make you homophobic. Do not equate homophobia to racism. That's just stupid. There's a difference. Think morality! But back to guys kissing guys. Look, we have handshakes and in sports, but slaps. Let's keep it at that. If the Euro's want to kiss, go ahead.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 6 years
I agree that America is way behind. Male friends in other parts of the world don't face the cultural ideal of rugged masculinity as much as their American counterparts. The closest we've gotten to this is the idea of "bromance", but I have yet to see two straight dudes engage in a friendly kiss upon greeting one another.
tigr3bianca tigr3bianca 6 years
ZeZe is right about male affection being accepted in the rest of the world. Male friends can hold hands in public and kiss. Its not a big deal.
MeiGaku MeiGaku 6 years
i also agree with the other posters that no matter how popular this becomes, homophobia will always be around. I've never seen two guys in my neck of the woods kissing (who weren't gay) and I live in LA! O.o it's sad, but as long as the religious cliam that homosexuality is an abomination, it'll never change.
elramos elramos 6 years
Oh yeah, we're just a "little" behind. Maybe if all those teenagers who had committed suicide had heard this, they would have reconsidered. American is way behind, and I don't think this research proves anything anyway. That is a very small group of people. Homophobia will never be extinct. It's just like racism, it will be there forever, even if most people do not take part in it.
Vampyre Vampyre 6 years
I would love for homophobia to be extinct, but it will never happen.
zeze zeze 6 years
People in all most all other parts of the world do this, it has nothing to do with homophobia though.
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