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DIY Hair Transplant

Here's one thing we don't have to worry about, ladies — going bald! (I can't use "ladies" now without thinking of Demetri Martin's claim that you can make anything sound 100 percent creepier by just adding "ladies" to the end.) Anyway, this guy decided to take his receding hairline into his own hands by creating a partial toupee using the clippings from his beard and sideburns which he then glues onto his head with Elmer's. I guess if you tackle your male pattern baldness as a crafts project, you can have some fun while freaking out about going bald.

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goldilocks0078 goldilocks0078 8 years
HAHAHAHA! This is amazing! And disgusting. And it "looks so natural!" Imagine if he took his extended hairline out for a hot date, then little patches started to come off. Elmer's isn't that strong.
Beaner Beaner 8 years
Dude - I just sent this to my husband and he said, "he looks pretty good!" Good thing he's blessed with gorgeous hair or I'd have to hide my Elmers!
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 8 years
Sorry, wickedlanie. I stand corrected. :headsmack:
CoralAmber CoralAmber 8 years
I would be less worried about balding and more worried about that ugmo neck beard.
danixk danixk 8 years
haha. "i can easily get carded again."
wickedlanie wickedlanie 8 years
Who said ladies don't go bald? I'm 21 and am experiencing "male" pattern baldness. Not all women are blessed to keep all of their hair.
nancita nancita 8 years
Hahaha! He just an amazing job.
QueenB75 QueenB75 8 years
no words can explain.
RubberDogTurds RubberDogTurds 8 years
i don't know whether to laugh or just shake my head. i think i did both
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