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Guys Not to Date Online

Types of Guys You Meet Online and Why You Shouldn't Date Them

We're happy to present this post from one of our favorite sites, YourTango. You can meet some pretty amazing people on the Internet. But you can also meet Mr. Wrong. Save yourself some trouble and think twice about accepting any of these guys' friend requests.

If you have ever tried your hand at online dating, chances are you've undoubtedly encountered at least one of these six guys. But have you ever thought about what's behind the common profile type, and whether or not he'd make a good boyfriend? With these men, you should read the red warning signs.

The Clueless Guy
He posts pictures of himself surrounded by beautiful women who are wearing very little clothing, as if he's looking for the next member of his harem. Or he posts a picture of himself wearing an "FBI: Female Body Inspector" t-shirt and thinks it's cool.


Why you shouldn't date him: This guy is probably not looking for anything remotely serious. And if he is, he'll likely lack any intuition about how his actions will make you feel.

Mr. New Beginnings
On his profile, he talks about how he never thought he'd be dating again or how he's new to the dating arena. It is clear from his narrative that he's just come out of a serious relationship, one he had hoped would last.

Why you shouldn't date him: He's not emotionally ready to move on if he's still dwelling on where he's just been.

The Perfectionist
He makes a specific list of traits to which you'll have to measure up. You must love to cook, be of a certain height, be very sensual, speak three languages, and have traveled to at least five countries.

Why you shouldn't date him: With the perfectionist, everything will likely be calculated, and you'll always have to adhere to some predetermined set of standards. He won't be able to adapt to change or just relax.

For three more guys to watch out for, head to YourTango: Six Guys You Meet Online and Why You Shouldn't Date Them

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