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Dear Sugar
I'm in love with my cousin's guy friends. Not only are they hunks, but they are interested in things that I love too like; fashion, design and believe it or not gardening. On several occasions I've asked my cousin to introduce me to them, but he just smiles at me and says, "maybe". I'm a good looking, well built chick, so I know it's not my appearance. Do you think that my cousin is just blowing me off or is there something about him that I don't know about? Brushed to the Side Betsy

Dear Brushed to the Side Betsy
Heavens to Betsy...have you ever thought that your cousin might be gay? Read in between the lines, see the magenta for the chartreuse. He's your cousin -- I am sure he would love nothing more than to hook you up with a great guy, so if he's holding out on you, I am sure there's a reason why. Don't go and blow his cover though. Respect his privacy and just take it for what it is. If he is gay, he's obviously not ready to come out to your family, and if he's straight then maybe he's just being protective of you.

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