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I've asked you in the past whether or not you think it's OK for a woman to fake an orgasm, and the results were split. Some of you said you had no need to fake it (lucky!), while others owned up to doing it occasionally just to give your man an ego-boost, or so you could get some sleep.

Well in case you didn't know, guys fake the "Big O" too. In The Orgasm Survey (yes, this is a real thing), findings revealed that 24 percent of guys fake it — that's one in four men! Society generally views faking it as a female habit, but if you want to hear some reasons why guys may feel the need to do it too, then


  • He feels pressured to perform.
  • She's trying hard to please him, but his body's not cooperating.
  • He's exhausted and just wants to hit the hay.
  • He's not into the sex, and faking it is a way to get it over with.
  • He's not physically or emotionally attracted to his partner.
  • He's hiding his sexual identity.
  • He's with a new partner and can't relax enough to let go.
  • He doesn't want his partner to know he's having sexual issues.
  • He feels that having an orgasm is a way to prove he's manly.

After reading that list I'm wondering, have you ever been with a guy who's faked it?


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