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Guys on Tinder

8 Totally Normal Guys and 1 Celebrity You'll Meet on Tinder

The other day I overheard a girl on the bus say of Tinder, "Oh, all my friends play that game!" But Tinder is no Candy Crush — it's actually an online dating app. Although considering it's essentially a mindless game of "hot or not" I could see how that whole love business could get lost in the shuffle. Now I'm not sure how seriously some guys take the app, but some sure stand out, in the worst way, for everything from their questionable choice of profile photos (like tigers) to their less-than intelligent messages. Today I'm highlighting some of the most frightening, confusing, and bizarre fellas we've come across, including a surprise (noncrazy) celebrity cameo! Click on, if you dare . . .

Klint "This is the beginning of something special (victims unit)" Kapowski

Michael "I'm a grouchy patient" Mitchell

Tom "Will you be my sister wife" Thompson

Pedro "My junk is better looking than my face" Pearson

Quan "I hope you like Furries" Quain

Jason "Bring a little tear to your eye of years gone past" Johnson

Calvin "Kitty cat" Coleman

Terrence "Let's make some fantasies together" Terlecki

Jef "With one F" Holm from The Bachelorette

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