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Guys Who Don't Ask Girls Out

A New Reason He Won't Ask You Out

A woman's work is never done, is it? Now we can add asking men out to the list of things we're "expected" to do.

A trend piece in Minneapolis Star-Tribune seems archaic at first, introducing the topic as if it were outlandish. "Not long ago, the idea that women might be the ones to make the moves would have been considered improper."

But women aren't just starting to ask men out, they are catching up with Spanish women by making the first move more often than men. Susanne Jones, a communication studies professor at the University of Minnesota, confirmed women asking men out is now the norm, so much that guys are starting to expect it. As in, wait for you, or assume you don't like them if you don't.

The article goes on to credit women's newfound confidence, their rise in the workplace, and generalized feminism for the new dating order, yet the consensus relies on old-fashioned male bashing. They're terrible at it, women say, coming off as creepy, desperate, or arrogant.

But isn't it a given that men who gratuitously hit on women (i.e. the ones most likely to make a move on you) are inherently creepy? Maybe the problem isn't that men can't hit on women, but that those least shy about doing so are a certain type? Whatever the reason, I say the guys we want to date are not going to drop some slick line at the bar. After all, that would be creepy.

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