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Halloween Date Ideas

5 Halloween-Inspired Date Ideas

The month of October is basically synonymous with Halloween. Trick or treating might be geared for kids, but that doesn't that mean we can't enjoy Halloween with a grown-up flair. And whoever said the mischief and magic needed to last for just one night? Have some fun and play around with these five Halloween-inspired dates that will bring some freaky Fall spirit to your love life all October long.

  1. Screen some scary movies. Spend a low-key night camped out at home with all your favorite scary movies. You could go the classic route with your favorite Alfred Hitchcock or Dario Argento films, or turn on the terrifying gore with a Saw marathon. If you're totally freaked out by horror movies, you could also watch a series of thrillers to get into the spirit. Whatever you choose, prepare to cuddle up close when things get suspenseful. And all your favorite Halloween candy is a necessary ingredient for this date's success.
  2. Play in a pumpkin patch. There's something simple and beautiful about heading to an old-school pumpkin patch, picking up a few orange beauties, and taking tons of romantic pictures. If you're lucky enough to go to a pumpkin patch on a traditional farm, take in the sights and see if you can check out all the cute animals at the barn. This sounds like a dreamy Autumn afternoon to me.
  3. Hang in a haunted house. Every city and town has their own version of this Halloween tradition. Go out with your date and enjoy the combination of horror and laughter as you try to navigate your way through a creepy casa.
  4. Go to an amusement park. I think going to an amusement park is an awesome date idea, especially when you start seeing someone new. Instead of the pressure of going to a fancy dinner or sitting in a dark, quiet movie theater, amusement parks offer are tons of activities to help take the edge off. Lots of amusement parks have their own version of Halloween Horror Night or Fright Night where the rides are open, but there are ghoulish characters running around like zombies all over the park.
  5. Dress up as a couple. If you're going to a big Halloween party, make a statement as a couple with corresponding costumes. I always love when I see a cute couple with something inventive.

Any more inventive ideas for an October-specific date? Share your ideas below!

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