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Handle This: He Got You a Gift But You're Empty Handed

Handle This: He Got You a Gift But You're Empty Handed

You've been dating a great guy for six months. Today is your anniversary and you're celebrating at your favorite restaurant, just the two of you. You had a busy work week and before you know it, the day's completely gotten away from you. Instead of having time for your boyfriend to pick you up, you had to meet him there. On the way to the restaurant, you stopped to get a card and had just enough time to scribble a few words from the heart before the hostess sat you.

When you saw your boyfriend waiting for you at the table, your eyes immediately focused in on the small blue box sitting on your plate — he got you a gift and you're empty handed! You guys hadn't talked about exchanging anything, in fact, you thought he'd be impressed that you brought a card but he clearly one upped you. This night was supposed to be fun but all you can feel is guilty, so how would you handle it?


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