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Handle This: He Won't Let You Break Up With Him

Handle This: He Won't Let You Break Up With Him

Much to your chagrin, it appears that you’ve run into one of those situations with the new guy you’ve been dating where he likes you a lot more than you like him. He’s really great, and you don’t want to just lead him on so you decide to end things. You go to his house to talk about it with him, and initially, he appears to take the news really well.

Afterwards, he asks if you want to go out to dinner. Trying to follow through on your "let’s be friends" promise, you agree. But as soon as you get to the restaurant, he starts acting like you're still a couple! Over the meal you start mentioning moving on and your very separate futures, but after dinner, he leans in for a kiss. Although you pull away, you just don’t know what to say. He's either in deep denial or not getting it, so how would you handle this?


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