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You love your little brother, you really do, but his antics that were cute when he was 11 are less amusing at 20. Much to your surprise, Friday night when you’re about to go meet up with friends, he shows up at your door with his girlfriend and best friend and asks to crash at your house for the next few days as they pass through town.

You’re in a hurry to leave, so you begrudgingly tell them they can stay. When you get home, your kitchen has been completely destroyed by their cooking attempts, and they’re sprawled across your living room, which is littered with dirty dishes. You know they've only asked to stay a couple days, but you’re really not in the mood to deal with this juvenile behavior. How do you handle this?


rpenner rpenner 9 years
well none of my brothers would do this either. one of my younger brothers lived with me and my bf for 6 months and he was so respectful. he probably asked to have friends over maybe 3 times, and yes, always asked, and his girlfriend stayed over maybe once a week. and he always asked. and he never left a mess. so if one of my brothers did this to me, i'd wait to see if they cleaned up in the morning, if they didn't i'd tell him that it wasn't acceptable and that if they expected to stay any longer they'd have to get their act together. but i wouldn't kick him out.
7kimba7 7kimba7 9 years
I'd give him an hour, and then I would tell him to clean it up or get a hotel room.
a_mama a_mama 9 years
I would tell them that I am glad they felt so at home, and since they will be cleaning up anyway... "Could they please vacume under the couch, and toss that laundry in? Thanks, I knew you wouldn't mind. Oh, you're cooking dinner tonight? Sounds great!"
lindholmka lindholmka 9 years
I would just tell my brother he better gets'to'cleaning! I wouldn't kick them out or anything but I would be clanging pans around waking their butts up to start picking up the place. (I'm a pretty big neat freak so I would be mad if my brother knowingly made a mess and didn't clean it up)
tweet-hotpants tweet-hotpants 9 years
this situation really wouldn't bother me that much. i'd certainly NOT curse him out in front of his friends...if he didn't clean up in the morning, i'd probably just do it myself. if i was going to say anything, i'd pull him aside and mention that if he's going to use my kitchen he should clean up after himself, but most likely i'd just suck it up for a few days and deal with it.
LaDolceVita LaDolceVita 9 years
I say infront of everyone..."you better pick up your shit!" That's the type of person I am with my family, I am a VERY honest and frank person, so everyone knows this before they ask for things...
TwistandShout TwistandShout 9 years
Grow up or get out!
heineken67 heineken67 9 years
I agree with all of the above, and feel relieved knowing that the 5000 miles between us will keep my brother from ever showing up unannounced like this.
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 9 years
I'd kick him out.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
I'd just tell my brother to clean up the mess and try and keep it clean. It's his choice to ask his friends to help. If they don't have it clean when they leave I'll just tell him he's not staying at my house again.
RockAndRepublic RockAndRepublic 9 years
Clean up or a$$ out. Then, after you clean up, youll be out on your a$$ anyway...
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
Guess who's cleaning up and booking himself a room at the Holiday Inn???
vmruby vmruby 9 years
Wake his azz up to clean the mess,give him a lecture about respecting other people's things and when he and his cronies are all done cleaning up, show their freeloading behinds the exit. Buh bye now.....
nicachica nicachica 9 years
well it makes it sound like i would return later that night so although i would be pissed, i would wait to see if they cleaned up the mess in the morning before telling them off. i know that sometimes i leave a huge mess in the kitchen from cooking and then clean it up the next day so maybe that what's happened? in any case, i'd still make it clear that it was rude to do that if you're a guest in someone's house in a very mom-ish lecture tone. ;)
Leene Leene 9 years
I would give him a lecture about respecting other people. Actually I think I would be more mad to his friends. You might behave badly with you family-members, but I wouldn't even know his friends and they would make mess at my home? NO NO NO. I don't have little brother but little sister. And she knows that I can give piece of my mind if need be, no matter if her friends are with her and how embarassing it might be. I'm sometimes really annoying with my role as a big sister. But she is not that bad. She is a good girl.
Shopaholichunny Shopaholichunny 9 years
My younger brother would never do that to me b/c he knows how disrespectful that is and how much it would piss me off alot. But, if he did I would yell at him and tell him and his GF and Best Friend to clean up the mess and if they don't then I'm kicking them out.
skigurl skigurl 9 years
and another thing... i would have made it perfectly clear BEFORE i left them there alone that they were to mess up NOTHING!
skigurl skigurl 9 years
my brother wouldn't put me in this position, but if he did, i would wake him up and get him to start cleaning! i'd be absolutely livid, and i wouldn't put up with it for a few days and on another note, i would make it perfectly clear to his girlfriend that this is unacceptable behaviour and that i do not approve of her dating my brother if she cannot be mature enough to handle this situation like an adult
lizrocks lizrocks 9 years
I tell them to get up and clean this NOW (only louder and with more cursing). He's my brother and while I can't make his friends clean anything if they refuse, I can kick them out and make him stay and clean up.
AujahAcorn AujahAcorn 9 years
I 2nd that **cubadog**!!!
cubadog cubadog 9 years
I pull my brother aside and tell him that you expect the kitchen and the living room to be restored to how they were before their attempt at cooking.
samidingdong samidingdong 9 years
call my Mom...and SHE can yell at him for being ignorant...
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