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Handle This: Make Up or Break Up?

Welcome to DearSugar's new feature: Handle This. I'm going to give you a hypothetical scenario and ask you to tell me how you would handle it in the comments below. Let's give it a whirl.

You and your boyfriend planned a romantic getaway for your one-year anniversary. The tickets are booked, the hotel is booked, even the tours around the island are booked. Unfortunately, a week before your trip, you find out that your boyfriend cheated on you back when you first started dating. Of course, you're devastated and you break up with him. He's devastated, too, and is relentlessly begging you to take him back. He claims this was just a misunderstanding since it happened before you two were an official couple.

You're torn — you don't know if you should forgive him since it was so long ago or if you should stand your ground since he technically lied to you for almost a year. To add more confusion to the mix, your entire trip is already paid for and you're supposed to leave in less than a week. This romantic getaway could be the perfect way/place to work everything out, or it could turn into a huge mistake and a total nightmare. You don't want the trip to go to waste, but you just don't know what to do. I know this is a toughie, but ladies tell me, how you would handle this?


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