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Handle This: Someone Spread a Mean Rumor

You and your new guy agreed that you would wait a while to have sex for the first time, but your relationship continues to get stronger and stronger. Just when you think you guys are finally getting to the exclusive couple level, he starts acting strange; it seems like he's slightly less affectionate towards you. You try not to worry about it, but when a friend approaches you about something they heard through the grapevine, the pieces start to fall into place.

Your friend reveals to you that he heard from another individual — one that was in the same fraternity as your man — that you had an STI. You're completely shocked as you've never had an STI before, and have never confided in anyone about the possibility of having one.

You realize that your guy has "known" about this ugly rumor for the past couple weeks. You're not only embarrassed that he obviously believes it, but angry that he didn't talk to you about it. There's no way to set the story straight without a confrontation, so how would you handle this?


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