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Handle This: You Don't Like Him, But Your Friend Might

Handle This: You Don't Like Him, But Your Friend Might

You recently met a guy while out with friends. He asked you out on date and it ended up going really well, but the sparks just weren't there. You guys have continued to chat via email for a few weeks, and as you get to know him better, the more you're convinced that he would be great for a friend of yours. They have all the same interests, they're both looking to settle down in the next couple of years, and something about him just reminds you of her.

You've definitely determined that the guy isn't seriously into you, but you're still not sure on how to approach the set up. Your girlfriend also happens to be very sensitive, so you fear that the fact that you dated him briefly would bother her, but you just have a feeling this could be a match made in heaven. Tell me ladies, how would you handle this?


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