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Handle This: Your Boyfriend Is Turning Into a Couch Potato

If you were put in a situation like this, how would you handle it?

Your live-in boyfriend had been holding onto his job for dear life for the past six months, but he unfortunately got laid off March 1. Thankfully you still have yours, but you don't make nearly enough money to hold down the fort for much longer. You're a little worried as the economy isn't getting any better, but you're confident that your boyfriend will do everything in his power to find something sooner rather than later.

His first week of unemployment was very productive, but he's since become increasingly lazy and negative. He's on the couch every night when you get home — beer in hand — and he hasn't worked out in days. While you know it's a tough market out there, this is very out of character for your boyfriend — he's a go-getter, not a couch potato! To make matters worse, whenever you try to talk to him about how he's feeling or offer advice or support, he snaps at you. It's a tough situation, so tell me, how would you handle it?


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