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Handle This: Your Date Invites Along Another Girl

Via a birthday party for a male friend, you meet a guy who seems absolutely great — he’s friendly and flirty, too! To top things off, he ends up giving you both his email and phone number before the night is over with the hope that you’ll call him soon.

When a group happy hour comes up soon thereafter, you decide to take the initiative and send him an email. You’re thrilled when he actually attends and seems just as into you as he was before. But within minutes of arriving, a girl shows up asking for him. It doesn’t take a genius to read their body language — it’s obvious they have something going on. Your intentions were clear, so how do you handle this?


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i-am-awesomeness i-am-awesomeness 8 years
That sounds like a horrible situation. I guess that I'd be nice to her and then get him alone for a second, get into acting mode and say 'Oh you didn't tell me that you had a girlfriend! You should've told me and I would have invited her too!'. I'd see how he reacts to that, and what he has to say. If for some odd reason, you misinterpreted his behavior to her and maybe they're just good friend or something, then its easy to play it off. If he's like 'oh, it slipped my mind' or something, then I'd just hang out with my other friends for the rest of the night and never talk to him again.
emalove emalove 8 years
I'm with Sunnyheart.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 8 years
I'd just say hi to the guy and ask who his friend was. If it's his girlfriend and they're flirting all night just have fun without him or head out early if it gets boring.
xoxoxx xoxoxx 8 years
Good lord, Kristyy...that's horrible. :(
kayla74 kayla74 8 years
i went with a friend last week to hang out with some guys she works with, one of which she has a huge crush on. we get there, he's very friendly and flirty to all of us. by the end of the night we find out he LIVES with his girlfriend. Just because someone's friendly and flirty means they can (they may want to though) go out with you. it made it awkward when we saw him and met his live in girlfriend of five years on the 4th.
Blackwood Blackwood 8 years
perhaps he didn't realize I'd think it was a date, although in my experience, it always seems to be the other way round (I think we're just friendly, he thinks it's a date) I would consider that possibility before getting pissed off... however, if he starts to pull the moves on me after making it clear that he's with the other girl (he kisses her, etc.), trying to get me to be his "mistress" or whatever... I would not only kick him to the curb, but I would also call him out on it in front of the girl. Maybe she doesn't know what kind of man she's stuck with.
MartiniLush MartiniLush 8 years
He obviously isn't that into you, or wants to play the field. It's a good thing you found that out now! Move on.
Indigo4320 Indigo4320 8 years
Not that big of a deal really... It's a group thing, so just conversate with the rest of the group and chaulk his behavior up to mixed signals.
caryatid caryatid 8 years
pssch, ditch the loser and have fun!
zawackirz zawackirz 8 years
I would just act kosher, flirt with other guys to make him jealous and show that I don't care about him, and then never talk to him again.
kristyy kristyy 8 years
Some guys are just overly friendly and appear like they're flirting. (Maybe they are??) But they probably don't mean for anything to come out of it. Pick up your drink and tell him that there is someone else you've been meaning to catch up with and leave! He obviously has someone there to hang out with. But this would sure be a sucky situation! My friend was actually in something similar. This guy invited her to a party and she thought it was a date. He picked her up and then stopped by to pick up another girl. The other girl just assumed she was the date and sat in the front and my poor friend had to crawl in the back. Needless to say, she didn't have a good time. I don't know what the guy was thinking.
almost-famous almost-famous 8 years
If it was a group invite, then I'd automatically take it that he sees me as a friend. BUT..If I'm going through a rough period, I'd be pissed, let him know that it was nice to see him.. chat with a few of my best buds, then leave early.
sunnyheart sunnyheart 8 years
Handle it? What is there to handle? Thank your lucky stars it's a *group* happy hour and then just go talk to someone else in the group! No use wasting your time on a player or a man with a girlfriend.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 8 years
obviously he was not that into you like you believed he was, men are so confusing, or maybe he is flirtatious some people are born that way, i have been told i am flirtatious, my fiance says i do it in front of him all the time, i like to think im just overly friendly, i dont see me being flirtatious
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