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You've been with your boyfriend for six months and he's finally ready to introduce you to his family, who live across the country. You know how important this trip is, which is why your nerves have been running wild all week. From the way he's always described his mother, she seems overcritical and very materialistic — the complete opposite of you. In an effort to make a good first impression, you packed all of your favorite outfits, including matching handbags, shoes, and accessories — you feel completely prepared!

After landing, you head straight to baggage claim. Your boyfriend's bag comes off the conveyor belt, but yours is nowhere in sight. You panic and when the bags stop coming, you're forced to accept the fact that your suitcase is missing. You're stuck with the clothes on your back for the next four days, and all you can think of is his mother's reaction. How would you handle this?


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