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Handle This: Your Mom Doesn't Respect Your Relationship

Handle This: Your Mom Doesn't Respect Your Relationship

You've always had a hard time getting along with your parents and they've never loved any of the guys that you've brought home. It didn't bother you so much until now — You met someone who you've completely fallen in love with. He comes from a very different background than you do, and though your parents have never said anything directly, you can tell that they don't approve of him.

On a recent visit home, you and your mom get in to a deep and heartfelt conversation on the subject of marriage. You decide to confide in her that you think your current boyfriend is the one that you want to settle down with. A loud and angry fight ensues, which your mom ends by stating, "I don't know why we're arguing; it's not like you guys will last." It's one thing not to love your boyfriend, but it's another thing not to have respect for your relationship or your investment in it. No one likes to disappoint their parents, but how would you handle this?


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