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smartiez smartiez 8 years
:meow: curiosity got the cat stuck in the vase.
SATClover SATClover 8 years
And then the cat thought "Wow...I did NOT think this all the way through..."
Bksuga Bksuga 8 years
Uhh yeah same here how does the kitty get out ahh but without breaking the vase???
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 8 years
I would not want to be the person that has to stick my arm into the vase to get the cat out!
jessie jessie 8 years
thats what i was does kitty get out!! :meow:
hithatsmybike hithatsmybike 8 years
but how does it get OUT???
flippy flippy 8 years
you know what's gonna happen, and yet it is still a mindblower when it does!
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