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Happy Monday!

Waking up to a ringing alarm clock on Monday morning is bad; hearing honking horns while sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way to work is worse. But I'll take gridlock over this madness any day! How do these people get out of this intersection alive? (I wonder if this is Vietnam...)

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mandykw mandykw 10 years
Insanity. I would kill myself in about 10 seconds if I had to drive on that road
colormesticky colormesticky 10 years
I give that a big fat double-you-tee-eff.
Jennifer_2sugar Jennifer_2sugar 10 years
I can tell these people are in Japan :pucca:
sweetheart_450 sweetheart_450 10 years
Holy! Talk about insane.
katygirlthing katygirlthing 10 years
lol it looked for a second that they would all crash!
anaisethenry anaisethenry 10 years
I'm surprised there was no accident in those 10 seconds!
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